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This is what my nights are like on MSN with Pat:


my cabin number on the cruise was 6606

everyone knew where I was

like EVERYONE, even the Teen counselors lol

Brittany says:

who knows what innocent lady was knocked up with mutant spawn in that room

haha, sweet!

Patricia says:



I can picture us sharing a room for 6 months

"should we sleep now?"



Brittany says:

oh yesss, good times will be had


Patricia says:



this convo is pure win

Brittany says:


i hope we get a cruise over halloween

go scare the passenges

Patricia says:


we should dress as MJ

you as white me as Black MJ

Brittany says:

you be MJ, i'll be the innocent child in the scandal

Patricia says:


Brittany says:


Patricia says:


Brittany says:

that would scare kids

Patricia says:


Brittany says:


Patricia says:

you can be peter pan


michael said he was peter pan

but people said he was michael


Brittany says:

pshhh, i'm hook, bitch! not some flying dream boy


Patricia says:

britt we are going to hell

Brittany says:


Patricia says:


hopefully we share room there too


Brittany says:


we can be slave drivers... with whips and sexy outfits

Patricia says:


Brittany says:

but, that has to happen after DCL

Patricia says:



even though some crazy shit goes on there lol

Brittany says:

haha, i bet. you never know what goes on behind locked doors...

Patricia says:

i wanna ask our counselor from the cruise what they do in the cabins

Brittany says:

you should.

Patricia says:

yeah but thats going to freak her out

she's already freaked out cus I asked her for smoothies through facebook chat

Brittany says:

hahaha, what if the answer is kinky sex all night... wait, is it co-ed?



Patricia says:



refresh my min


wahts coed?

Brittany says:

haha, b end g, not 2 g or 2 b

boy and girl

Patricia says:

oh no

it's girl girl, boy boy

Brittany says:

ohhh darn, a really funny thought just came to mind of a kid walking in on people in their mickey and minnie costumes having sex



Patricia says:

thanks britt


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Wow.. I haven't posted in a while!

Probably because not much has changed here... still moving, school is still in session (but 13 more days!!!), and the home life is the same. We did have to give up my Irish Wolfhound though.. she was starting to scare people by running up and barking right in their face, and someone threatened to sue, so we had to. :(

I get my permit on June 10th, and I am so looking forward to the freedom of driving. Technically, I won't be by myself until next December, but it still counts in the mean time.

I love how the days are getting longer. Went to go see Iron Man yesterday, and when the movie let out at 9 PM, the sun still had not set! Yay for those long summer nights!!

Lots of other random stuff to post... putting together a few last minute projects for school.. starting to pack boxes in preparation for the move.. you know, boring stuff like that. =P 

Steph, send me your address (Jenn and Pat, you guys can to if you want), and I'll send you something via snail mail. Anything specific that you want from this side of the pond? I'd pack food, but it might spoil unless I overnight the package. Haha.

Until next time... xo

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Am stealing two memes from the one and only Stephanie Miller-Ulliel-Lutz-Edwards (did I forget someone??) Haha.

One: Name seven songs that you are into at the moment.

1.Time after Time- Quietdrive
2.Call in the Cavalry- The Shys
3.Best of Me- ??
4.Change Your Mind- All-American Rejects
5.The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls
6.The title song from Juno... am too lazy to look it up on Project Playlist right now =P But it's when she looks like a drawing in the movie
7. Black Roses Red- Alana Grace

1) Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out and sometimes completes your sentences?:

2) Have you ever been punched by the opposite sex?:
Hell yeah.. but don't worry, I punched mu brother back as well. ;)

4) Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with an A?:

6) What is the nicest thing you own that’s not a vehicle?:
Personally? Hmmm. My Coach wallet.

7) 10 being your best, what were you today?:
6-7.. probably 7

10) Can you cook harder things then spaghetti, pancakes, and macaroni?
Yesh. I made a souffle once, but it completely deflated once I took it out of the oven. xD Still tasted great though.

12) Do you smoke weed?
No, and never plan to either.

13) Pick a job?:
News reporter... or a person who interviews celebrities

16) Do you know anyone that is currently locked up?

17) What is your favorite kind of soda?:
Tie between Sprite and Minute Maid Lemonade

19) Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?:
No. Never even had a date. *cries* LOL

20) What four TV channels do you watch the most?:
The movie ones.. Showtime and the like..., FOX, MTV, and probably the Food Network

21) If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?:
Atlantic Resort in the Bahamas!!

22) Last summer?
Was iffy. Fun mostly, but some stressful parts as well. Also slightly boring at times.

23) What is your favorite candy bar?:

25) Do you really care about saving the planet?
Yeah, but I don't do anything about it. xD

26) What do you think about the current gas prices?:
I don't drive, so it doesn't affect me personally. But they are quite high for us at about $4.15

27) You just won a free trip to one of these four places: Texas, Miami, Florida, Delaware, which one would you choose?:
Miami! Hellooooo Pat! :D

29) Have you ever been in trouble with the police?:

30) Have you ever told someone you were single when you really weren’t?:

32) How many jobs have you had and where?:
I've had babysitting jobs at various houses

37) Has this year been good so far?:
Sure. The social life is definately improving!

38) Have you ever been so drunk that you blacked out?:

39) How long does it take you to get ready?:
1 hr. 20 mins. on weekdays. Like half an hour on the weekends.

42) What is your favorite childhood board game?:
Life or Clue

43) Do you change best friends a lot?:
Yeah, I do.

44) Do you think that you’re a good person?:
Yeah. Sure, sometimes I lie and stuff, but I think I always end up doing the right thing in the end.

45) Have you ever gotten into a drunken fight?:

46) Is there someone in your life that you can’t get enough of?:
Sadly... not really. I mean, I'd love to spend time with some more people, but no desperate need for anyone.

47) What kind of grades do you usually get in school?
A's and B's

48) What are your plans for the future?
Move to NC, graduate, college.. who knows?

50) Who do you wanna see right now?
No one

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! From North Carolina!! It was AHMAZING, and I have to tell you all about it! 

Got up around 5:30 in the morning. Flight at 7:30. Met up with LaCreasa's designer friend at the airport. Uneventful flight except for the fact that my feet fell asleep (haha). But when we landed... OMG. Heat wave! I have to tell you it felt soooo good after Ohio though. Upper 70's and sunny... it was gorgeous. We got the rental car minivan (oh yeah, totally traveling in style guys xD ), then proceeded to stop at 4 different fast food restaurants for lunch, even though they all served the same stuff. Just had to get McDonald's fries, Wendy's frostie, and a Burger King burger. Haha. We then went to our new house... it's about the same size as the one we have now, but it needs a ton of renovation work... a whole new kitchen, new flooring/wallpaper, new plumbing, new electrical stuff.. the whole deal. I'm really happy that there are teens to hang out with that are my age though. It's never any fun when you have to hang out around toddlers. LOL. So we did that, and I picked out my room.. pretty nice size, and a shared bathroom, but that's alright. The house is also right next to a country club and a really nice park! So that'll make for a nice social scene in the summer. Back to the hotel after that.. wasn't anything great. Just average. Got some takeout pizza while the 'rents went to an "adults only" dinner, and we mostly watched a marathon of Star Wars. *lame* LOL.

Up at 7:30. Showered, ate a hotel breakfast of eggs and bacon (hello Southern cooking!!) then dropped the designer friend off at one of her friend's houses in Charlotte. Next, we met up with some of dad's partners from his group at the hospital.. they're all really nice and they took us on a tour of the town. Very basic, but (again) thats OK since the metropolis of Charlotte is only a half hour away, and there will be an overload of stuff to do there. But but but!!!! Did you guys hear that Leatherheads (Clooney movie) filmed in my town?? They even came back for a conference.. the people that we were with said it was mass hysteria downtown.. everyone wanting a pic/autograph with him and Renee. My school looks cool too. It has a bigger population than mine does now (about 1,000) so that'll be interesting. After that, I got an experience of suburb-Charlotte traffic at the lunch rush hour.. and it was backed up for a good ten minutes. Who knows what downtown is like during rush hour... *is scared at thought* We went to Dave and Buster's for lunch, and my new friends, Maddie and Parker, and I kicked some major Jurassic Park butt with our plastic guns. It was pretty "baller" (southern word) xDDD. For prizes, we got disco lamps and Parker got a red one to stick on his car so that he can attempt to pull people over. An interesting fact: for lunch I ordered a burger "with everything" which is supposedly called "all the way" in NC. Hmm.  We went to a lake house after that, and it was lovely as well. The lake is huge, and I'm really looking forward to doing some "war tubing" and water skiing. Went to a country club for dinner, and watched the Tarheels get shut down by Kansas in the Final Four (not that I care... it's just that everyone else did xDDDD ). Got back to the hotel around midnight, and then proceeded to have the worst night of sleep in my life.... my brother WOULD NOT STOP KICKING ME!! It was horrible, so being the good sister that I am, I woke him up and made him go sleep in a chair. *angel halo over my head* xD

Went around the town one last time... and caught an early flight home. I had to get padded down in the airport security line too! It was so cool!!! I made the metal detector go off because of a metal buckle on my shirt that I couldn't take off. People were staring at me like I was crazy. xDDD

So that's it... all in all, I had more fried food in those few days than I think I've ever had in that time interval before. LOL. But it was good, so that's all that matters. =P

Thanks for sticking with the story! *takes bow*


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 Update on life and then a meme..
I can't wait for Friday!! I'm leaving to go see my new house in NC.. and then totally chill and enjoy the amazing weather :D I wonder how long it'll take for me to get a Southern accent.. if I get one at all. Probably always be a Yankee at heart though. =P
Ermm.. not much else. LOL. Hopefully I'll be able to get out and run today.. take advantage of there being no wind right now. I need the exercise as well... been chowing down on Easter chocolate ever since Easter. xD

Now for the meme... what does that mean anyway? "Meme"? Is it just a slang word? 

1. What color is the floor in your room?:
Cream-colored wood with grayish paint designs

2. Where do you usually get your hair cut?:
Sara Faraccio's hair salon

3.- What do you think of guys in tight pants?
Hmm. If they're fit, then it looks nice. But tight pants on small legs are a no-no.. especially skinny jeans on guys.

4. What's your doctor's name?:
My daddy :D Dr. Allen

5. What's your favorite internet slang word?:
lol, haz (haha)

6. Do you have a ceiling fan in your room?:
No.. I think I might in NC though

7. Do you know how to swim?:

8. Have you ever been to Oregon?:

9. Ever experienced jet lag?:
Well, one time I went to CA to visit my uncle, and when I came back, the plane landed at like 1 in the morning OH time, which is only 10 at night CA time... so I couldn't sleep and then the next day I was really tired.

10. What's the last show/concert you went to?:

11. What color are the chalkboards at your school?:
Green and black.. and partially white because the erasers are crap and can't erase everything

12. What was the funniest thing that happened today?:
My friend and I making up this crazy plan to try and smile all day tomorrow... I wonder what other people will think.. probably that we're weird. LOL.

13. What are you listening to?:
My dog bark

14. What was the title of the last story you wrote?
Lab Report 6.1 (if you can call that a story.. thats the last thing I wrote though xD)

15. What about the title of the last song you wrote?:
I don't write songs

16. What was it about?:
Your mom

17. What was the last thing you argued with someone about?:
My brother about who's turn it was to feed the dog =P

18. How are you feeling today?:

19. Who do you hate right now?:
Nobody.. but two days ago I definately wasn't on the best terms with my stepmom

20. What color pen ink do you like best?:

21. What are you doing tomorrow?:
Watching the clock tick by on what will surely be the "longest" day of school for me since the day before spring break

22. Have you ever ridden a horse?:
Yes, when I was really little

23. Do you know anyone named 'Brianna'?:

24. What would you like to tell someone now?:

25. Have you ever seriously considered suicide?:
No... but I have considered running away before =(

26. What's your favorite chocolate bar?:
Reese's!!!!!!! x109475749374379

27. What other windows do you have open?:

28. Who was the last person you talked to online?:

29. Is there anything you're looking forward to?:
Friday!!! LOL

30. What do you think of guys that wear eyeliner?:
I don't know.. the only guy I've ever seen with liner is Pete Wentz from FOB and he looks alright

31. How do you act around the girl you like?:

32. Do you collect lamps?:

33. What's your favorite sport to watch?:
Olympic swimming and gymnastics

34. What movie theater do you usually go to?:
Regal Cinemas

35. Do you trust people easily?:

36. What do you think of the person who posted this before you?:
She's awesome! ILY!

37. What brand are the pants you're wearing?:
Something from the Gap

38. What are you serious about, but no one believes you?:
Brad and Angelina.. my parents and (most) friends always think it's really odd when I talk about them

39. What was your dream about last night?:
An orange and black striped tornado.. and we were running from it outside... somewhere along a highway. LOL.

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Hellooooooooooooooooo Spring Break 2008!! =D One week of pure relaxation... no homework, sleeping in, staying on the computer or reading all day long.... and you can't forget Easter. Chocolate, minor presents, and more good food. LOL. My stepmom, grandma and I are going to be cooking up a huge brunch on Sunday... no idea what we're going to make yet though. Probably waffles and eggs and stuff like that.

A sad note: 95% of my friends are out of town on vacation, so let's hope that the other 5% is free and able to hang out. Otherwise, I might start to get very bored.

Yesterday was the official first day of spring, and yet, it's supposed to snow tonight!! Erghhhh. There go my ideas of trying to enjoy the weather... I was thinking about getting some exercise in by running on some nature trails in a national park near our house, but not it'll be too cold, and there will be snow on the ground. But that's Ohio for you. Thankfully North Carolina won't be like this.

Pat!!! And Steph maybe (LOL). The Sims 3 is coming!! And the preview snapshots look really good!! Go here for more details: My 2001 computer has too few RAMs to play the Sims 2... it's all slow and choppy. So sadly I haven't gotten a chance to play it recently. But.... you never what the bunny will bring for Easter.. maybe.... no. I won't jinx it. xD It could happen though. My dad's been talking about getting a new one for a while now.

I'm also in need of a cell phone. My last one was given to my mom... so now I'm cell-less. I just want a good one that has lots of nice applications, and a nice texting plan. Unlimited would be awesome!

That's all for now... will update on Monday probably to let y'all know how the holiday went. Until then.. enjoy yourselves!

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 Hello hello!

In case you all haven't heard yet, I am officially moving to Charlotte, NC in July. I'm really excited to go.. but will miss this town and my friends a lot. Ohio has been my home since I was 4 years old, and I've gone through 9 years+ of school with my classmates so far. I'll be glad to leave the snobby ones behind of course, but the real ones will be hard to replace. And my family... I'm leaving them behind as well. My mom's side I will only get to see in the summers! I am definately gonna miss my cousins. =(

But you guys are so lucky that you get to come with me wherever I go.. as long as I have an Internet connection! LOL. That is one nice thing about online friends... they'll never go away!

We start a new trimester in school tomorrow (my last one in the Revere school district!). But I won't bore you with the details today. =P Just new classes and stuff like that going on..

The weather was absolutely fabulous today!! 65 and sunny! Almost all of the snow and ice have melted too! But sadly.. most (not all!) good things must end... with an icestorm later tonight. Back to freezing for us!

Not much else going on... I made a lovely lemon cake last night, and will now go enjoy another piece of it! LOL. Talk to ya lovely ladies later!

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Alrighty, time for another update!!

Three day weekend last weekend because of the wind chill temperature (school off on Monday), and we had a half day on Tuesday because the ice on the roads was getting pretty bad... and, to top it all off, we have this Monday off as well for President's Day, and then the next week we have a day and a half off for finals!! No school makes my life a lot better at times... except when I'm bored.. Haha.

We started this thing called Sludge today in school. Our teacher gave every group (2 people in a group... and my lab partner's name is Steph! Haha.) this mixture with liquids and solids inside of it, and we have to seperate all of the substances and identify them =S That sounds hard... but we can already tell by looking that one of the solids is sand. Only 3 solids and 2 liquids to go! Woo!

I was just thinking about all of the movies that come out this year that I want to see too.. Wanted, Dark Knight, Twilight, Indiana Jones, The Mummy 3, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, Harry Potter 6, CCOBB (Brad's movie..), and I'm sure a lot more... this is gonna be a busy year at the movie theater for me... =D And can you believe that they are making a Saw 5 and 6??? When will this series end?? Aye!

Still snowing, still cold... Jenn and Steph, I hope that you guys are doing alright with the cold... Pat, I'm jealous of Miami weather!! =P

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 Long time, no post!

First things first:

Haha, I just found that today, and it's so true!!
Anyways.. not much going on here. No babysitting this weekend, so it was nice to have a small break and do something with my friends. I'm hoping to go to the bookstore today to maybe get a new book... still have the last Gossip Girl book to read, and I just started a new series... the first book being titled "Uglies". Now, I'm on to "Pretties" if I feel like buying it.
I've also been watching the Food Network for a while this weekend. The cooks on there make some awfully good looking dishes.. I love Giada's Italian food!! I bet I could make some of that.. only problem is: it wouldn't be half as neatly done as they did it. Hahaha. When I bake, there's not a clean surface left in the kitchen. xD
The snow is back!! I'm mad it couldn't have come tomorrow though. Maybe we wouldn't have had school! But I like sitting here and watching the snow tornadoes fly around the yard.
I think that's it for all of the interesting stuff right now. xD I'll post again soon.... hope everyone is doing well, and Steph, thanks again for the songs!!!